Start Somewhere

I first started thinking about this journey when Posy was just a tiny tot and feeding frequently both day and night. I was becoming a little bored of the oodles of box sets and podcasts I was working my way through and began to think about past projects and new paths. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do but had lots of ideas fizzing around my head and a tiny bubble of excitement in my tummy. I wasn’t sure how to begin and was scrolling through Instagram whilst Posy napped in my arms, when I read the words ‘start somewhere’. I wish I could remember who had posted these two simple words on a blush pink background so that I could say thank you. Sometimes the smallest of things can strike the most powerful chord. Nine months later and I have produced a wall full of mood boards, with these all important words in the centre and have filled four large sketchbooks full of pictures and plans.

In a similar way I have started writing this blog post more than a dozen times, scribbling down ideas in pretty notebooks and tapping away on my laptop before hitting the delete button and starting all over again. I wanted my first post to be beautifully written, to pique curiosity and inspire you, my lovely reader to come with me on my journey. This is me to a tee, an over thinker, over planner, researcher, collector and gatherer. The quest for getting it just right can often be the enemy of getting anything done at all. So in the same way that I started my Instagram feed with the words ‘start small’ I am putting pen to paper, metaphorically speaking, and saying hello.

It all begins today, welcome to Posy + Petal, a happy and hopeful place to share my dreams, hopes, big plans and small steps towards achieving them. I will be writing a new blog post once a week, usually on a Wednesday, where I will share snippets of my everyday life as a designer maker and of course as a mum of two as these two paths run side by side often interweaving and at times colliding! You won’t find my moans and groans here or photographs of overflowing laundry baskets, we all have plenty of these of our own to contend with. Those who have little ones will know only too well the struggles and juggles of motherhood, particularly when we try and balance this with a career outside the home as well.  However, I don’t plan to dwell on life’s difficulties, this is a space to share my happy moments, to brighten days, uplift, motivate and inspire.

This blog is my notebook and online sketchbook where I share the lovely moments, time spent with my children…the places we go, nice things that we do, our family traditions and routines that have become special little rituals over time. I love to make things so you will find lots of craft projects as well as my doodles and sketches as I work on creating a small collection of prints inspired by little dot wood…more on this to come!

You will also find flowers…buying, growing, picking, playing and making. I absolutely adore flowers and find it quite astonishing how having flowers in my home has the power to lift my spirits and brighten my mood. You will notice my quiet obsession with liberty florals as they pop up in lots of my makes and join me as I slowly teach myself how to create a paper posy for my own little girl.

So here I am starting somewhere, starting small, starting here, today x


  • Liz Shields

    I’ve followed the link to here on your Instagram feed. Congratulations, Kate on the launch of your website and blog. It was lovely to read such positive thoughts and ideas. I love the ‘start somewhere’ thought. I’m considering blogging myself about my tapestry weaving journey, so your blog has given me lots of inspiration and encouragement. I hope your venture is a great success and I’ll look forward to reading your future blog posts. Liz xx

  • Kathy

    This is just the most beautiful website and most perfectly written, dreamy yet down to earth, honest as it is pretty blog post Kate. I know how much you’ve wanted this and I’m feeling very emotional for you in a joyful way. Congratulations lovely Kate, this is one journey I’m really enjoying.

  • Emily Quinton

    I am oh so happy that Posy + Petal is here for us all to enjoy. I’m excited to read and enjoy it, and I’m happy and delighted for you that you are creating this space for you.
    Congratulations lovely xo

  • victoria pichel

    oh, Kate… this is such an inspiring post! I loved it. I want to MAKE things myself now!
    Congratulations on your new website, it’s so beautiful…

  • Judit

    Such a happy, bright and inspiring place you have built -looking forward to following along and seeing more! YOU are lovely Kate!

  • Soozi Danson

    Oh well done Kate! Such a beautiful space you have created. I shall be looking forward each week to reading your lovely, heartwarming & inspirational words. Thankyou for sharing 🌸 Soozi xxx

  • Anna

    Wonderful start. Loving your style of writing. Will be following with anticipation 🙂

  • Liz Slater (Swann)

    Love this – well done you! How can I follow on Facebook (I’m not on Twitter or Instagram – not very social media savvy!)? Good luck on your journey xxxx

  • Iga

    I already love your blog and will be waiting for a new post every week to lift my moods and inspire. Beautiful piece of work x

  • Britta

    Kate, I am speechless!! You put all my thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, plans… in words & by >starting somewherestart somewherelovely< dreams & ideas & I will have to start somewhere to at least give it a try! Thank you so much & I will follow you on your journey! Britta xo


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