Although my baby business is called Posy + Petal, an idea conceived shortly after my daughter Posy popped into the world, there is another little one who very much inspires me and is at the heart of our family. 

Jake turned five last week and I thought I would write a few words about him on my blog today as he is such an important part of my world. Jake was a little surprise to myself and Seb, 5 years and approximately 7 months ago and continues to surprise and delight us on a daily basis with his thoughtful and earnest responses to the world. He asks an unbelievable amount of questions, as I’m sure that most five year old’s do…thank goodness for google! He loves ‘knock knock’ jokes and makes up his own that rarely make any sense but leave him in fits of giggles, and he has an infectious enthusiasm and beaming smile.

He loves to be outdoors in the fresh air, surrounded by nature. He loves flowers almost as much as I do and manages to find me a flower almost every time he leaves the house. He adores his little sister Posy and will forgive her anything. She frequently destroys his lego creations, nibbles his books and pulls his hair, and he just gives her a cuddle and says ‘it’s ok, she is only a baby, she doesn’t understand’. He loves stickers, drawing, cutting and sticking, and making weird and wonderful creations out of toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes. Some of his favourite things are books, trains, maps, kinder eggs, and penguins. He collects pebbles, small sticks, buttons, and other teeny tiny things that he fills up his pockets with and often end up in the tumble dryer.

He is always singing and making up his own funny rhyming songs and has weird and wonderful dreams that he can’t wait to tell me about the moment that he wakes. It makes me so happy that he likes making things as much as he loves playing football and that he still believes in the power of sleepy dust when he can’t get to sleep and mummy’s magic cream that can heal all ailments. I am cherishing these weeks and months as who knows when they will come to an end, and he will stop believing. This stage of his childhood has been so precious and seeing his relationship with Posy grow ever stronger, warms my heart.

It goes without saying that he throws the odd tantrum, tries to sleep in our bed on occasion and wakes up with mysterious illnesses to try and miss a day of school. He gets tired and grumpy and won’t tidy away his toys or eat his tea, but this space is about celebrating the good and the happy, the joyful and the life affirming, not the moans and the groans.

I won’t continue to ramble but will leave you with a couple of quotes from our lovely quote jar…

‘Mummy, I am not a person, I am a grey shirt, blonde hair, blue eyes and a nose. I am Jake’

‘Can we paint our house, just the sides not the roof, all the colours of the rainbow, because I haven’t seen a rainbow for a very long time’

‘Mummy did you know that I can warm up hands by rubbing them together? That’s why I always hold Posy’s hands, to keep her warm’

I would love to hear some joyful nuggets about your precious little ones, please do share x




  • Emily

    This is so precious and sweet. I love our quote jar too.
    And…my nine year old is still holding onto the magic of the tooth fairy and our family Pooka. I cross my fingers that Jake’s magic lasts for another four years for you too! xo

    • Kate

      It is such a lovely thing I agree. Fingers crossed I can keep the magic alive as long as you have Emily! Thank you so much for your lovely comment x

  • Mandy

    Well that has just made me cry Kate. They are growing up so fast, my two are poorly today but I am secretly loving us all curled up together on the sofa in silence! X

    • Kate

      Oh no, your little poorly boys, but I guess not so little anymore! Time really is racing away from me at the moment, so I am trying to write things down and take lots of photos to capture it all. Sending lots of love and cuddles, enjoy your sofa time lovely Mandy x

  • Elizabeth

    This is just so sweet and lovely. Love the warming up of Posy’s hands! Adorable post and a really good idea to write it all down to keep record of these precious memories x

    • Kate

      Thank you so much Elizabeth! I felt quite emotional writing it all down and then read it to Jake before school this morning x

  • Kathy

    Oh Kate, this has made me smile so much. Such a lovely thing to write about Jake, such a wonderful gift for him to read again in the future. Elsie is 8 and still believes in the magic, I’ ve no idea when it will stop but holding my breath as I love this part of their childhood. Xxx


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