Oh dear, it has been a very, very long time since my last foray into blog land. In fact if I look at the dates of my last post, it is around the time that I returned to work after my maternity leave.

I was so full of the joys and excitement of finally launching Posy + Petal and confidently planned to blog every Wednesday. I even had a little jar full of thoughts and ideas that I wanted to blog about, not to mention the recipes, craft projects and paper flower tutorials, and here I am many months later feeling a bit ashamed that my lovely intentions sadly fell by the wayside. I had woefully underestimated the demands of my job combined with my family commitments and something had to slide for a while. However, before I fall into the rabbit hole of gloom, I need to remind myself of all that I have managed to do. I have continued to share snippets of my everyday life on instagram and feel part of a special creative community with pocket friends aplenty. I have launched a tiny collection of paper products and have sent my little boxes full of sprinkles far and wide to do their happy work.

Despite my little steps forward however, I have felt sad about my neglected little blog and when a friend recently told me to ‘either take it down or start again’ I felt it was time to type more than a caption and decided that today was the day. So here goes, Posy is asleep and I have half an hour to stop thinking and start typing!

I thought I would tell you a little about my plans for Posy + Petal. You already know about my long term dreams and goals but I have reined everything in a little to focus on some realistic goals that can be achieved in the here and now with the space, resources and timeframe available to me as a busy working mum. I have decided to focus on stationery and am in the process of designing a small collection of boxed cards, postcards and tags.

I have already launched my little box of sprinkles and more recently my spring sprinkles and they will be joined by summer, autumn and winter boxes as the seasons change along with birthday sprinkles and perhaps tiny boxes of love and dreams. The sprinkles really are at the heart of my brand along with the ethos of sprinkling well wishes and happy thoughts. The power of the tiny gesture, expressing gratitude and making days really are my vision as I continue to grow my fledgling business.

I am also really keen to explore play and interaction with my paper collection and am experimenting with cut-out and keep aspects to my cards and speech bubbles that can be filled with your own sweet words. Jake is an endless source of inspiration as he works alongside me and frequently doodles all over my sketches, adding his own words and ideas. He has really taken the characters to heart and often asks for bedtime stories set in Little Dot Wood…anyway I will leave it there for today and hope that one or two of you might forgive my absence and read my jumble of thoughts. I am aiming to pop in here once a week to share what I have been up to and am excited to tell you more about an exciting 100 day project which I plan to start on 1st March.

Sending love and happy sprinkles to you all x



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