Little ones

Jake has alway been really creative, which probably isn’t a huge surprise with two arty parents. I am literally a container of tiny fizzy bubbles of ideas and would spend all of my days drawing, cutting, sticking and making, if only I could.

Seb, my husband is an Art director/copy writer in an Ad agency so you could say that it is in Jake’s blood. He is very interested in what we both do for a living and asks a lot of questions and is always eager to understand. As I have begun to develop my tiny business, Jake has enjoyed getting involved, doodling on my business cards, adding hand drawn accessories to my little characters and designing his own wild and wonderful flowers, usually possessing magical super powers.

It has been interesting to see Posy’s creativity slowly begin to bloom…she is almost two and has a completely different character and temperament to her older brother. She is cheeky, impish, impatient and stubborn. She too loves to draw and paint but moves from content to cross in the blink of an eye and whatever is to hand can get thrown on the floor with quite startling force. She shares her brother’s love of stickers and Jake patiently peels them off their backing paper and hands them to her as she points or yells and he looks on proudly as she sticks them down to create her mini masterpiece.

They both love taking photographs, Posy with her wooden camera and Jake with my phone whenever he gets the chance. They rummage through all of my bits and pieces, Jake carefully arranging and Posy grabbing handfuls and sprinkling them with abandon. Their interest and enthusiasm for my creative work certainly makes my little path easier to follow as it helps to alleviate some of my mummy guilt when I am spending more time working than I am playing at the weekends. They both inspire me more than they know and I was very excited to take delivery of my first product inspired by Jake’s doodles earlier on today. I can’t wait to share some sneak peeks and am looking forward to seeing how Jake adds his own tiny drawings to my print…roll on Saturday morning when you will find us at the kitchen table during Posy’s nap time. Chat soon x

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