It is fair to say that over the last few months I have been feeling muddled and very scattered in my approach to growing my small business. I was finding the juggle of a demanding full time job and busy family life increasingly difficult and was struggling to find fulfilment when working on Posy + Petal.

In fact, in June I stopped posting on Instagram and had a complete creative break. I had been listening to too many podcasts, reminding me that we all have the same twenty four hours in the day and telling me to stop making excuses and just make things happen. Instead of having the desired effect of motivating and inspiring me it really had the opposite effect and left me feeling deflated and rather useless. I decided to take the summer to reflect and evaluate and before long I really began to miss the creative community that I had become a part of and the magic and excitement of turning late night scribbles and sketches into actual products that people wanted to buy.

It was a welcome and happy realisation that running a small creative business is an important part of my life and the challenge was to make sure that this piece fits into the jigsaw puzzle of daily life. Next came the planning stage to try and create some harmony or at least direction for the clouds of confetti whirling around my mind.

The next evening I got a huge piece of paper and wrote down all of the different creative activities that I was spending time on and considered how they were helping me to achieve my long term creative dream. I made pathways for each idea and plotted and planned the next steps for each. I considered creative workshops, a pop-up shop, story books, a craft book, paper products and many more little fizzes and crackles racing around and felt a huge sigh of relief to empty my busy brain and see everything on one (if rather large) page! I then thought about my life and current commitments and how each idea would fit and even more how would they enhance and enrich rather than taking away from the other pieces of the puzzle.

I decided to focus on what gives me the most joy right now, which is being part of a creative community and working hard to grow and nurture this. I have joined Facebook for the first time and am trying to get to grips with this whole new world. I am determined to become a regular rather than somewhat sporadic blogger and also plan to launch a newsletter in the new year. I also want to give some time and energy to my tiny online pocket paperie, which has been rather neglected of late and am looking forward to photographing and listing some new cards and decorations in the coming weeks.

I have started using a goal setting planner and spend a little time each night before bed thinking how I will spend my creative time the following day and making sure that each tiny step is moving in the right direction. My pop-up shop idea is safely filed away for the future, as are thoughts of books, workshops and events.  I am feeling so much more positive and in control and I look forward to chatting again next week x


  • Leonie

    This is so positive! I’m already looking forward too seeing all (or some! Or new ones!) your ideas come to fruition 🌿. You’ve got such talent, sweetie, more power to your self belief!

  • Emily

    A beautiful, thoughtful piece. The time you took off from Instagram was so important for you to reflect on what’s important to you.
    I am actually working on a similar list at the moment, so this has inspired me. Thank you and I look forward (as always!) to all that you make happen. xo

  • Elizabeth

    So glad to have you back and so glad you have yourself time to rest. xo

  • Tom and Jackie

    We have been charmed to read your musings across your site!


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