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A short and sweet one from me today. It is Sunday evening, I have just got Jake and Posy into bed. Posy requested the gruffalo for her bedtime story (any parent will know that this isn’t the shortest of bedtime reads) followed by four rounds of singing baa baa black sheep.

Jake and I tried a headspace meditation for kids on my headspace app which we both enjoyed and was the soothing tonic I needed after all of that singing! We lay in the darkness side by side for six minutes, whispering good night to each toe in turn and continuing the journey up our bodies until we murmured good night to our eyelids and I had to gently prise myself away from my warm and sleepy boy and head upstairs to my computer.

I have set myself a goal of being more consistent and my target at the moment is to blog once a week, although perhaps Sunday evening is not the best time. I may need to re-look at my planner to find a better time, although my energy levels seem to dip the moment the children go to bed and calm descends. Anyway something to think about, perhaps early morning blogging could be an option?

Tonight I really wanted to share the lovely afternoon that I spent with my dear friend Emily Quinton. I was very lucky to attend one of Emily’s courses when I was on maternity leave a couple of years ago. She then became a business mentor to me for a little while and really helped me to find my feet with launching Posy + Petal as well as boosting my courage and self esteem. More importantly she fast became a very dear friend. I don’t see her nearly as often as I would like as we are both busy working mums and live on the opposite sides of London, but yesterday we had a meet up planned which is always a treat.

We both love Petersham nurseries in Richmond and were excited about the new shop, deli and florist that had recently opened in Covent Garden, shortly to be joined by a cafe and restaurant. It seemed like the perfect place to meet and we spent a lovely hour strolling round the inspiring and beautiful new venture. It perfectly captures the essence of the Richmond nursery with its beautiful plants, old mirrors, ceramics, rusting metals and baskets overflowing with balls of string and twine. I was really quite captivated with the beautiful location and creative styling. I loved the relaxed and uplifting feel of the store and felt comfortable to wander and browse, taking photographs and making mental lists for Christmas presents for friends and family.

After our leisurely time at Petersham, we strolled across town to the new Sweaty Betty concept store on Carnaby Street where we had lunch at the Farm Girl cafe. I love the original Farm Girl in Notting Hill and happily I loved the new location even more. Light, bright and airy and surprisingly quiet we enjoyed avocado and pomegranate seeds on toast followed by raw hot chocolate with coconut milk which was absolutely delicious. It is so important to make a little time for ourselves if we can, I was only away from home for a couple of hours but felt so recharged by my scrumptious lunch, wonderfully inspiring chats with a great friend and was bursting with ideas and inspiration from Petersham’s simply stunning store. I left with a small bag of treats which will no doubt crop up in my Instagram snaps and I can’t wait to return to see how they style the beautiful space for Christmas.

My creative take aways from my lovely afternoon are many and include; dusting off my ancient flower press to preserve some tiny leaves and experimenting with printing ferns onto coloured linens. I would also like to try stamping letters into my air dry clay pieces and plan to stitch some little leaf paper garlands to embrace and welcome the autumn season. On the culinary front, I will be adding pomegranate seeds to my weekly avocado on toast and am going to try and make a raw hot chocolate…I have already checked and ocado has date syrup in a squeezy bottle, which seems like it might be the magic ingredient!

Well time for me to press post and head to bed, my ‘short and sweet’ blog post has typically become my usual longish ramble, well done if you have stayed with me to the end! Wishing you all a lovely start to the new week, I would love to have your feedback and comments if you have the chance x



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