I don’t know what it is about blogging, but I find it incredibly difficult to show up consistently.

I love writing and taking photographs, but often the thought of walking up the stairs to sit at my computer and write a blog post, followed by editing and uploading my photographs at the end of a long day is just a bit too much. I then find myself on Instagram; swiping, liking and commenting and feel much safer within the comfort of my small squares and if I’m honest my cosy sofa!
When I reflected on my first full year of running Posy and Petal one of my biggest regrets was my lack of consistency with blogging. I re-read posts full of hopes and promises of regular updates every week only to see huge gaps of several months followed by a post beginning with an apology and more promises of future content that never come to fruition.
After much thought I have chosen to take a temporary step back from designing and producing paper products, to instead focus on the core of Posy and Petal which is building a strong and engaged Instagram account and a creative and consistently updated blog, hopefully building towards a newsletter. So here I am making a public pledge to my tiny community that I will be showing up here once a month with a blog post.
I have also decided to create a project to guide my creativity and give me a focus each month and have titled this ‘Seasons and Circles’. I love circles in all their forms; crisp and neatly drawn with a compass alongside Posy’s first perfectly imperfect attempts with a chubby crayon. Wreaths, flower crowns and polka dots, cute tiny badges, daisy chains and hula hoops. Circles make me feel happy and I thought they would make a lovely inspiring starting point for the year.
Seasons are another beautiful part of life and remind me to be present in the moment and to appreciate the country that I call home, where the seasons are richly woven into our ever changing landscape, nature and climate. I love to be outside with my children and to wander, gather, collect and then create with our findings. Our nature treasure box hunts are going to become a monthly habit along with my tiny two inch posies with possible grand plans for the smallest ever flower stand, where Jake hopes to sell our posies for 25p.
I hope to share more of my making and the seasonal creative activities that are such an important part of family life. Please do wish me well in my quest for a consistently creative year. I am keeping my expectations realistically small and hope to be popping a cork and raising a glass of bubbles in a year’s time to celebrate twelve lovely blog posts! Happy January lovely readers x



  • Sue

    I’m so pleased you’ve accomplished your first goal of 2018 with your lovely blog post. Sweet dreams after your busy day 💕

  • Emily

    I am so happy to read this and I am really looking forward to what you share with us each month.
    Your creativity brings such joy to the world and inspires all who visit here. Thank you xo


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