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My Story

Hello, let me introduce myself…I’m Kate, illustrator, storyteller, maker and dreamer. I’m also a wife and mama to two glorious little ones who fill my days with sunshine and make my world a happier place.

Home is a little upside down house in South West London, filled with light, flowers and lots and lots of books. I love crisp sheets of paper, super sharp pencils and shiny stickers. My favourite season is spring, food of choice will always be cake and my favourite word in the entire English language is lovely – ask anybody I know and they will tell you that I use it in almost every sentence!

We are all so familiar with our ‘one day’ or ‘some day’ plans…the ‘one day I will live by the sea’ or ‘some day I will run a beautiful little flower shop’. Well I am just the same and have pockets full of these kind of dreams that keep me going during humdrum times and on those rainy day commutes.

When Posy, my second child was born I spent a lot of those early sleep deprived nights thinking about the future. I decided that I should stop waiting for this magical ‘one day’ moment to arrive and should start making my flower filled, countryside daydream come to life. I realised that there was no reason why my vision of a beautiful book filled with sweet stories and kind hearted little creatures couldn’t begin to come to life right now, even if it was just to share with my own little ones, and that all I needed to do was to pick up a pencil and begin to scribble it down.

So although my dreams are big I am only taking things one day at a time. Being proud of small achievements and sprinkling seeds that might sprout into something more. I am not leaping into leaving my London home to live in a tumbledown barn, but by taking some of my grand plans and taking tiny steps in a new direction who knows what the future might hold.

This small space is my sketchbook, my notebook, a place to share words and ideas…sometimes just a sentence or two and other times a great tumble of thoughts. Somewhere to treasure and preserve the lovely times I have with my own two little seedlings and to share our wanders, makes and small adventures. It is about the little things and the tiny details that make daily life special.

I am so pleased that you stumbled across my little space and the beginning of my journey. I hope that my musings will be cheerful, charming and uplifting…and that this space will be a happy place to visit.   

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