Happy Sprinkles

These look like little daisies but with a slight twist, definitely from the daisy family I am sure.

Floral Leftovers

This little bowl is one of my favourite possessions. My beautiful diamond pot made by the amazing Stine from Skandihus.

Sunny Shadows

I spend a lot of time positioning and repositioning both my flowers and myself to try and avoid shadows, but sometimes embracing the shadows creates the prettiest of pictures.

On the way home from school today

I must confess I stole this little bloom from my neighbour's garden on the way home from school today.


The tiniest of flowers scattered on my table. I like to pick up a small handful and gently sprinkle, seeing how they land.

Astrantia, I love you

These beautiful astrantia were part of a lovely bunch of flowers from one of my favourite florists Botanique in Clerkenwell.

Wax Flowers

I know some are not convinced of the beauty of wax flowers, but I am one of their biggest fans.

Pretty Bloom

I still have so much to learn about flowers...the name of this pretty bloom to start with.


These soft and delicate flowers really conjure up the feeling of Spring, my absolute favourite of all of the seasons.