Dot to dot walk

Posy and Petal are walking through Little Dot Wood on their way back to their treehouse after a busy morning picking peas and running up and down hula hoop hill.

Meet Posy + Petal

Posy and Petal are sisters. Posy is the big sister and Petal is the little sister.

On my Desk

I am working on my logo for Studio Posy + Petal. One day this will be a real studio, hopefully a glasshouse at the bottom of a beautiful flower filled garden, so that I can skip out of my backdoor and head into work in just a moment or two.

Sweet words

The power of a sweet, kind or lovely word should never be underestimated.

Cheerful Clouds

Happy clouds in Little Dot Wood. Experimenting with a new character, Fern.

Starting Points

'Last night I dreamt that stars were falling from the sky in shapes like triangles and landing on the trees and ground in my garden and the piles on the ground looked like beautiful crystals.

Flowers in her hair

How I long for the day that I can tuck little flowers behind Miss Posy's ear, balance daisy chain wreaths on top of her pretty curls and make her first midsummer flower crown to wear at a sunny picnic.

Tiny Stitches

Meet Moss, a small visitor to Little Dot Wood. I had some fabric samples printed a while ago and Moss, along with some dots and floral patterns was immortalised onto creamy calico.

Dainty Dots

I just discovered the most amazing tool...a metal punch for making tiny circular confetti, leaving behind the most perfect of tiny holes.

Good Night

When I am writing about the small forest friends who live in little dot wood, I try to really imagine their lives there.